A mission for all, all with a mission

A little re-introduction to my ever changing human-ness and new followers:

Hello my name is Capucine, which means a covered head in latin - I like to think in me is a way to find comfort and disconnect from the mental chatter or the genius of it? Not quite sure. It is the french name to the Nasturtium flower with deep bright oranges and round leaves. It grows by climbing every surface it meets.

I also hike my way through my own mountain, it has beautiful defects and ugly victories. I never stop asking questions, and I put my nose in the grind because I don’t understand life any other way.

I was born French but outside of the border of our country - from Germany to England, I’m now in Istanbul, Turkey.

I enjoy playing with new fields - maybe you followed me when I was photographing Turkey’s archeology - or when I dabbled in London bookshops & Paris coffeeshops.

In the past years, I accepted my inner calling to study the depth of the human experience. It was not easy to share just how much the difficult and the taboo were my favorite subjects.

I went from the aesthetically pleasing poetic questions about nostalgia & cultural melancholy to my own shadows, grief, loss and difficult childhood memories.

I’m seeking resolutions in my heart and in my mind - wherever I go, whether it’s with esoteric studies, multidimensional journeys in the cosmos or auric healing.

Nowadays I help people in their journey through their own difficulty. I facilitate moments with Reiki, discoveries with astrological and Human Design constellations.

My goal: be a living proof that there is a solution to past hurts, there’s healing and life after confusion and troubled paths.

How? By deepening our understanding of our own uniqueness and destiny.

By feeling the questions and by looking into the shadows, we create spaces for joy.

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