A new dimension: travel guide to the #AkashicRecords

Up until 3 years ago, I was totally utterly disconnected from spirituality. I was always really into psychoanalysis but the whole male driven content was a little bit too triggering for me to be a part of.

I’ve always been into understanding patterns of the psyche, because I know there’s just that: a pattern.

An explanation in the universal knowledge would be something that brings us closer. I spent my earliest years knowing there was an encyclopedia of everything, a total omniscience - and it was accessible for all. I’ve been reading watching listening digging to find the door to it.

Fast forward to last June and being rushed into the Akashic Records: yes it was true, yes it is accessible for all, and thank Heavens for it.

Every day I go in this vibrational dimension where knowing and thinking are supplanted by blooming patterns of feelings of truth - I’m not yet where I know I can be - but every day that new balance between human and intuitive divinity is brushing me with love and compassion.

If you’ve been called to experiment living by intuition and connecting to alternative states of awareness (psychedelics free), I’m telling you: don’t be afraid. Get to know the field, and have fun!

The Akashic Records are a vibrational dimension that holds a record of every event, emotion and thought ever uttered. Before entering a very lucid yet different state of consciousness, I pray and connect to my own Akashic Record.

Here’s the prayer channeled by Linda Howe from her book How to access the Akashic Records::

There I am met by the masters, teachers and loved ones that uses my clear audience and clear sentience to offer a love and guidance unlike any other. They taught me in a just a few weeks what I always craved to receive.

This divine mentorship is helping along my creations as I design my first online classes. If you’re into it - I recommend connecting to your own records.

Let your intuition lead the way.

I am finally at peace within, something I rarely experienced before - every time I connect, I receive words of such wisdom and love that would never come up for myself.

I started reading for others and the amount of help it gives my clients is mind blowing. I want more, please!

Have you ever tried? If you need help on connecting w this #dimension - I’m here for it!

I also do #sessions where I connect to your own Akashic Records - DM me for details!

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