Accept not consent


Life is a repeating pattern, waves of different intensity, unclear foamy explosions that confuses until the tide pulls you back in and everything becomes clear for a little second.

Those seconds are what I live for. They are the enthusiastic, ready to rock moments that make my heart beat and look forward to more transparence, more understanding, more compassion.

I wrote myself a manifesto that my wall reflects in the morning so I don’t end up losing myself in confusing dislike. Do you have one too?


To make my manifesto, I condensed all my energetical research and conclusions about my self in general. My self in Paris is very different from my energetical impulses and oblivions in Istanbul. I find there’s no roof but a skeleton of a being that kept on moving, that kept on adopting every comment made about my self and dress it up around the foundation. After a year or two of removing every little ego boosts and deep painful snarky comments I kept within, I hunted down for my real being.

All my energetical quests lead me to the blueprint, which eventually lead to my very own - ever changing - manifesto. Drawing thousands of axis into the spectrum of a pulse, I embrace fluidity of energies, and draw a static photograph of an ever blurry wave.

What’s your own photograph painted with? Do you find accepting your self easy or impossible?


Because it’s that, moving, a spectrum with two extremes, and a moving point accross that axis. For ie, you can take the Enneagram test and see your « profile » drawn with different levels of expression of the same « energy ». The Helper can be healthy by offering time and resources to everyone around them, without looking for a return of favors, because they have taken care of their own needs before tending to everyone else. Or they could become controlling because their help gives them authority over their protégés and draw threats and passive-aggressive behavior in order to get the things they crave.

Take the test, (adding one link to my bio)

read the different levels, understand the roots of your behaviors and tell me which one you are 👋🏼


Once we understand the general patterns, we turn around and around it.

Circling the spectrum, still from the outskirts, looking at the root that we express within our being.

Life will be about exploring that sphere, being brought back in, wriggling out, expressing all the levels of that while yearning to be instated comfortably at the core - and that core expression of that nature to be liked by others.

Trying to stop judging, to stop comparing is a challenge for all, for life.

It’s time to come back to the source, remove the wrap, the fake selves, the belief systems that we are bad, unfit for living in community.

I’ve had so many things criticized by so many different sources, I really believed I was a person to be sad for (hint: I still do, sometimes).


I’m not very into structure, nor perseverance. I hate following orders, being disciplined for anything other than what I set up for myself - and I’m all over the place, conducting 8 projects at the same time. I used to deeply hate myself for it - and contradict my own original impulse to fit the contemporary ideal self. Now I was lucky through my research to witness works such as the Renaissance soul and Manifesting Generators in HD, and 5/1 profile and split circuits - all those terms that define who I am and what I’m about and it helped to see a reflection of my originality, and be accepted. Now I’m flowing and readjusting with my blueprint, and playing with the world the way I was supposed to.

What’s your way?


I use astrology, human design and my energetical gift to come back to the source of human expressions. Nothing is positive or negative. It just is. And depending on the social groups, the time and space we evolve in, they carry different opinions. It comes down to others and perceptions and it shouldn’t. It comes down to you. How you decide to deliver your expression, your heart’s intentions, the lessons you came here to learn from.

In readings, there’s nothing more right that draw those axis with loving compassion and acceptance, and show the way to my clients: this is you.

I see you, I love you, you are gold.

I wish I could do more - and that’s what that week’s acceptance theme is about.

Build up the process steps, reconnect to one another, evolving with a dropping down of barriers, more connection, more love. Thank you for your messages, for connecting with me about those words in the DMs.

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