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Energy Upgrades with a Blue Apatite from April 11 to 27, 2019

This stone is Perfect for Taurus Season: focus on what you enjoy

It was nudged to me - internally - to wear this piece of stone around my neck.

The minute I came back from Athens - read my Moon energy meridian review here - I got this inner vision of that stone I had bought months ago and never played with yet.

I didn’t remember the name of this specific one - just the shape and the colour rang to me - the length of the chain I wore it on - I saw the weight dangling in front of my heart and i started looking for it in my drawers.


The name didn’t sound great to me. Apathy - a state of being unstimulated by its surroundings or inner realities. A lack of enthusiam - my opposite.

A state of unproductivity. Which in this day and age - feels like death - isn’t it Capitalism?

Going off on a tangent but it’s related - here’s a post republished by serpentfire which renewed my interest for this day’s illness: making making making something of our existence today otherwise - what’s our worth, right? As if existing nd breathing another day had a due - we ought to build, share, create - oh Social Media, self-branding, lalala - I hate you and love you.


Before reaching out for a dimensional travel to the web, I let this stone subjugate me. We hadn’t met for a while. I had considered offering this pendant but retracted. Happy that I chose to keep it a little longer.

Its colors are deep and rich, a blue that turns to green, it calls for the depth of the ocean. Striped with lines of a clear brown, I feel that it’s a peek into its inner structure. This stone is so grounding that I feel it’s a cluster of brown shades covered in the richest blue. Grounding as if I was standing up down down down in the Atlantic Ocean’s canyons. Receiving energy from earth itself as well as a cold water embrace covering each inch of my skin.

Not much for apathy, this crystal’s vibrance is a straight line without wave - apathy - no outside reaction - but it speaks volume.

Wearing it between my lungs feels like a portal that attracts a different reality to me. A different interaction with the world at large. Situations such as parties, social mingling etc usually disrupts me at some level. With this gem, I feel more confident being myself. I am - just am - grounded. Thoughts don’t peek through my brain to confide in layers of insecurity or shame. I just am.


When with myself, I am calm - but I translate the inside with the outside. An idea is followed, a procrastination scheme is owned, yes I do - or yes I don’t feel like this or that.

This is clarity - the embodiment of it in Greece - pushed to the reality. Clarity or truth made into Choice, made into action. Not especially for the sake of being production, but for the fun I have following inspiration and plans made in the past.

Calm with a purpose

This stone is making me just be - just be the person that I dreamed of being. It feels incredible to not overreact or fight the feelings with thinking.

Nearing the Full Moon of April 19 - the second one of the year in Libra - I cleaned the stone’s energy every night and D-2 before the moon I couldn’t wear it any longer. I needed to have a break. The Notre Dame fire didn’t help. I had a huge day of repressed insecurity manifesting itself which was pretty tough.


Apatite wearing is the access to the heart from the inner to the outer and the outer to the inner: instantly / at all times: it was over my heart and created a portal to my heart chakra: the green shades must be responsible.

After the pre-Full Moon in Libra effects had dimmed down (pheww, chilleee), I grabbed the stone again like a blanket I needed.

At this time, I was made aware in the unfolding days that it was a real bridge between my third-eye and reality. It grounded me so deeply into Earth (brown energy) and into the Cosmic (blue shades) and Love (green) - my situations were stressful yet I remained the wisest version of myself. (Except that one day...). I’m in my zone, people’s energetics inform my situation but they do not impact my wellbeing. This again, reminds me of its name coming from apathy. No apparent wave.

(Être : french for ‘the being‘ and ‘to be’)


I haven’t read anything yet about this stone. For 10 days, we’ve been on & off (and in this post, I share how I work with crystals and why I do on&off) and I’m curious to know what the online crystals encyclopedia have to say.

It’s definitely a Blue Apatite, with green and brown inclusions - but it is miles away from what a Green Apatite looks like.

I always rely on - their articles encompass everything from the spiritual healing to the emotional impact it has on you. So let’s dig in!

Motivational stone, clearing inner confusion - yes in ways, it’s been helping me to address the many things, and spring clean my visionboard and to-dos list. It pruned the ambitions and left the ones I’d be with in the long run.

Most of it is mentioning 3rd eye activation, which I’ve felt earlier.

They mention dreamwork - I’ve defo had weird dreams this week but then, I always do. The article namedrops the Akashic Records - the stone transports the energy of this vibrational dimension & « helps the individual’s connection to the soul ». I’ll be entering the Akashic Records with the stone around my neck asap.

Then, I like a peek at EnergyMuse - they have infos on the « hierarchy » of crystals for their role in the cosmic realm. I like knowing if this entity in stone matter is a Guardian or a Divine Warrior etc.

Here, they say:

To start working with an Apatite, first start by getting clarity on your desires.

Hmm, yes! Exactly what I’ve been raving about. Well they also have this:

(Hahaha, I’ve never literally eaten more than in the past days - I’m rolling on 5 meals a day... - soo no hunger suppressing mood for me - but hungry for a life better, I’ve had that urge to start laughing, having fun.)


In ways, yes, I’ve been uh-productive. Doing the things I wanted to tackle - but not by being motivated by them. It was more of a reflective: in which ways can I be doing this for me? Where is my fun?

Since this question, yes I’ve done stuff.

I’ve launched my podcast and written many articles to be published soon. I’ve dealt with my photography main hustlex made the calls, shot the photos, edited them. We’ve also entirely fixed the house. Tried my hand at launching a Youtube Channel, witnessed my many facial mimics, reverse-motioned the idea of a Youtube Channel... 😂

Energy Muse’s How to Use:

Make a list of 3 things you’ve always wanted to do but never followed through.

Capu’s additional:

and ask yourself where in your comfort zone are you staying and where are you abusing yourself by adding unnecessary stress for not much of a personal reward.

(I’ve completed a photoshoot while wearing this Apatite and realized just how much stress the job is - and how I didn’t particularly enjoy the whole thing... I have in ways stepped out of my photo career, because the result was something not only I could amount to - but now, I got to see with new eyes just how much stress the whole equipment, movement etc was and how little of a thrill it was nowadays for me) - why did I impose this on myself every day for years? The consistent stress of being reliant to mechanical equipment that could break for reason x or y, or a movement too fast, a light, a lack of focus - a vast array of reasons why things could fuck up or succeed - and battling against them all for THE SHOT! I’m over that thrill.)

Go and have fun, advance on your path if your why is substantial enough - saving the planet yes, having joyful moments yes to that too!

Akashic Records under the Apatite’s aura:

Do you have something to teach me about this piece of the Earth?

The Apatite stone is centering you around your spine aka your life’s direction through the essential chapters of learning that your life contract decided to.

It pulls into motion two magnetic fields within your aura with the non-essential & extra tools that could help you move into the next chapter (triangles, like a vertebrae). By moving those, you get distance and you can pick & choose which tools could help your journey (think talents, formations, people, jobs, travels, anything in this reality) - or release the things that are encumbering the path. Hence the clarity.

Those fields are exercing pressure of attention to the heart and everything within its meridian, from crown chakra to the root. The spine is sacred. It becomes the focus of your attention. And you feel back on your « path ».

Here is an illustration of the magnetic field around the Apatite as channeled from the Akashic Records:

Moreover, the stone is connecting the ears with a cable that goes & protects the back of the head. It is the seat of many things that I cannt wait to explore more: I’m aware that the human self & my inner child self resides there. It‘s a space that needs protection. I felt it as a membrane, an active shield while I was in Greece.

Now the Akashic Records mentioned the stone exercises a filter that removes the unnecessary threats that come to distract us - the collective thoughts that come in everyday (for ie: imposter syndrome, judgment..).

Thoughts are not all ours.

Unfiltered they enter the back of the head and make their way to the right side of our heart: they occupy our days and consciousness. The ego reacts and tries to impact the real world to wist this « conceived thought » away / prove ourselves victor of the received thought in this tangible reality - instead of working it out inside or creating a boundary with that thoughts-cloud.

PS: the Apatite stone has the same cellular components as our teeth so it helps soothe dental issues apparently... does it whiten them as well? 😏

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