Aquamarine Life

Life with an #aquamarine stone around my neck - 3 months later

#crystal #lightwork #starseed

In early September, I picked this pendant without knowing anything about it.

Refer to my crystal thread for reference of how I work and pick out a crystal.

I put it around my throat, intuitively.

With the name, I googled what Aquamarine does. You can find it here.

I want to talk about my experience: I wore it on and off: playing with my clairsentience skills (tip: everyone has psychic abilities - you can practice and work to get them to any level).

I am clairsentient - aka I feel. I’m also a reiki master - I work with energy. This pale blue stone grounds me. It unties tangles of worry and uncertainty in the moment.

Because it’s on the throat, I see it affect my day to day life when something arises - and I no longer can question whether or not to act and defend my boundaries. I just do.

Not aggressively or with force, but with a clear voice that deals with the world and its people with fairness and balance. My mars is in Cancer (astrology) - to have a fire planet in a water sign is often difficult - we are at war between our desire to protect and nurture everyone VS my own space and agency in the world.

When I was bullied and repeatedly psychologically abused from infancy, I developed a habit of keeping it in. Traditional Mars in Cancer - we run away from conflict. Yet the unresolved situations consume us within.

With the Aquamarine, when I wear it - I am able to deal with life. To make it my priority to resolve and restore peace, for me, for others.

When I remove it for a week after a week or two of constant use - I feel its weight lift off. It can be heavy. I give my energy rest, return to a bettered self. I give the stone some time to clear and recharge (rests on a selenite crystal).

I witness my mental state - things drift off - more doubts come in. I might be less inclined to turn to others - and focus inward.

Like the moon, we need equal parts of inward focus and outward focus.

The stone brings new layers of agency and sovereignty lessons. When I wear it, I feel empowered but not aggressive (soft soft edges around those lines). I feel assertive but respective of others - which is my desire and my biggest fear.

More over, this color (pale blue, almost green) is making me value integrity first, and re-analyze the world based on intentions and not outcomes.

I will continue to experiment ½ of the month with it and the other without. It’s been tremendously helping with my voice - my mission to aid others realize their own agency.

I really really wish you a fun journey.

Don’t follow rules blindly. Our realm of spiritual and psychological work offers so much possibilities of play. Based on your intuition, create your own guidebook, make up the conditions. Nothing is set in stone. (ha!)

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