Ascension #3

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Beyond learning… slowly how to access our truth - for example, using tarot cards, we often need to hibernate to collect ourselves within this new realm.

Ascension is the movement that takes over one’s reality when they open to consciousness.

Because we sense and receive massive amounts of information from our interactions with the world and its people, we become conscious beings.‌

This new overload of data is at the same time attached to old patterns that we are just becoming ready to untangle from.‌ Less becomes more.

Our time suddenly becomes rich with self-discoveries and meaning, this is why I recommend hibernation.‌ Although I‌ don’t think you need a recommendation from me, because you’ve probably already started.

I really don’t see any other way.‌

Becoming extremely aware of the weight of human interactions in the matrix, how can one sustain presence through the many disruptions at this complex level?

So we draw away from the waves of people that impact our reality and the space within our mind starts shifting our perspectives:

It’s a lot to take in the old world as well as the new one.‌

The previous patterns confronted with the new paradigm is a 180.‌

Just as heavy as this old world is, the awakening of consciousness is a dense process.‌ Something we aren’t genetically prepared for, we are the first ones in our ancestral lines doing this work.‌We don’t know what it looks like after 30 years of… 40 years of…‌

Our brain as well as our senses are being developed and I don’t know what is the limit to this “upgrade”, those “downloads”.‌ I barely recognize myself, mentally, emotionally as well as physically.‌My voice has shifted, my step, my posture, everything is new, it feels incredible and yet, I also am quizzical.

Just like Neo in the Matrix franchise lives and resides out of the Matrix once Morpheus told him the truth, he only occasionally visits his old world.

When he has a mission, he re-enters the coded simulation.‌

As we do. Because we have missions.‌ Life continues, the bills too.

Ascension is not an easy peasy transition. (Third eye opening isn't a soft flutter on your brow, try a week in the dark in your room, feeling your skull exploding...)

I want to demystify becoming a homebody suddenly.

One because we are open to receiving our past trauma memories (read my first post of the Ascension #1).‌ And this is just dense, complex, it requires help, from us, from others.

We review the past in order to be there in the present.

Hibernation is a coping tool.‌

If you have been going through the same waves, of empowerment, of reviewing your environment, of being overloaded with informations: I want you to know: you’re doing your best.‌ And this is totally normal.‌

Because we don’t know much about this transformation of consciousness, we are at the beginning of gathering testimonies - and when we are alone in this, we might feel shame.

To quote Brené Brown: shame wants us to feel like you’re alone.

You’re not the only one.‌

I went through more than two years of hibernation.‌ And in ways, a good percentage of my life will remain in hibernation.

From 2017‌ to only recently, I’d come out rarely or I would go outside only to be alone.

I felt guilty about my hibernation, yet I felt so much inner peace about solitude (minus the anxiety of criticizing myself for it - yes, it never really went away).

My relation to time and space change when you do stay within your own limits and challenges for a day.‌

I was lucky and privileged to have had saved money and have a freelance photographer’s life where it was a series of compact photoshoots and then nothing for a while.

I can’t thank enough the moments of solitude, because living with me as a main character has recollected every aspect of life within my heart.‌

The scale of my experience is now based on my feeling of it.‌

My perspectives, my actions, my everything is based on my essence and my intentions; rarely do I‌ blindly jump into illusions or expectations of and from others.‌

That is liberation.‌

It takes time.‌It’s not a one time thing when “the Lion’s Gate” or “the 11/11‌ energy portal opens”.‌

It can.‌

But in my experience, it comes with the tug and pull of time.‌ Unraveling myself under the influence of my desire to become better and conscious.‌ Repeated efforts, repeated introspection and transparency of my intentions and own outdated subscriptions to fucked up beliefs…‌

With the repetitions of practicing my own intuition and seeing my efforts crumble when inspired by ego, or others, or my fears, I slowly take out my sword and I cut the weeds of my misconceptions.‌ I catch myself red-handed, and I forgive my own habits of unconsciousness.‌ Now, I can catch myself in the instant, and retract, say sorry.‌ Not always, but mostly.‌

It’s not easy to be aware of the complexity of every thought, action and desire.‌

“Is this romantic or is it codependency?‌ Oh, codependency.‌ Right, alright, change of tune.”

We’re simply not used to it subconsciously.‌ We didn’t see our parents do that. We haven’t registered those habits, those healthy patterns aren’t yet fully stored in our automatic responses.‌ This is complex, dense, rich, abundant, it’s a source of happiness, growth and embarrassment.

I want to share this interview with the Akashic Records about automatic responses and triggers in the long run.

It’s not easy when we don’t have a guidebook.‌ This is why I write.‌

This is why I want to read your writing, or your podcast.‌ Send me your tales.‌


I am now within my energy wherever I‌ go.‌

My anxiety which had looked like mirroring others’ energy, grasping at it so I wouldn’t be found out and be in trouble - has now disappeared.‌

My essence has come out so much that I am still learning to be ok with it, even if it looks like being blunt around others. I’m not the smoothest person when I’m around others now, because…‌hibernation made me a cavewomen, or maybe because I really don’t give a…‌ these days.‌ Take me as I‌ am.

If you’ve been at home, you’ve disconnected from the toxic actions of others, and you’re starting to heal, I want you to know, and to tell yourself out loud:

 You’re doing so much right now, even if it looks like staying on your couch.‌

You’ll know, when you’re actually doing the work or fooling yourself about it.‌

You’re doing so much; you’ve done so much.‌

Surviving all these years in this crazy cage that is the mentalities of this society.‌ We’re still sane, we’re still getting up everyday.‌ We got out of the matrix despite a dysfunctioning society that is well rounded to keep us in. We’re surrounded by a lack of empathy and emotional intelligence.‌ This hurts.‌ Yet we stand.

You deserve a break.

That break is the healing.‌

I’m proud of you.‌

I’m proud of me.

We’re titans, we’re changing ourselves, and we are changing the world.‌

On the same note, those months of reflection lead me to write this ebook about Soul Archeology:


Plus; dancing at home > anything.

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