Astrogeography: Pluto, Moon + North Node + Jupiter Energetics Experiences

Astrogeography tingles - if you’ve been following my feed, you’ll know what I reference:

To make it easy: from birth, the atlas carries different energy for each person.

Those planetary energies influences your life experience and can be used to incrementally change your inner and outer reality.

Technically not much is delivered online - another cryptic tool I’ve understood in my own ways.


I have been lucky enough to test a few outs in the past years - and referencing those with my experiences:

Ok, I might be french - but I was born while my parents were expats in Frankfurt, Germany. This city where I lived for the first 2 years and a half is my energy between a Venus and Mercury sandwich.

On repeat

Bred and from the hardcore rugged rebirthing energy of Pluto, we moved back an forth around and in Paris : that’s 12 years of life where things were, difficult, unstable, confusing, defeating, empowering.

It’s where my family lives to this day : aka I return to Paris, my Pluto line, for a few weeks multiple times a year. I get to experience and re-experience the hardcore energy - anew and begging for death and rebirth. Each Christmas holidays means huge shifts. Internally and externally.

To be honest, it’s the most difficult one I’ve been surrounded by. Pluto destroys all your in-built structures, your beliefs, your plans, your attachments - and it rips the veils which can benefit your growth, but its rough, its brutal and takes no measures.

A typical Pluto line experience = first three days are a huge let-down of all plans and future expectations, an overwhelming amount of voices describing things in your own voice with a critical perspective, the shedding of all at all times. The following days are usually depressive - the amount of feelings are dulling my resolve, I can’t yet pick up my tools for reconstruction. I’m destroyed. It might include fights with your close ones and a deep need to be alone.

Recommended: be alone, only welcome in the people you trust the most, inform them of how you’re feeling and what you need beforehand, and create moments for yourself that will deeply make you feel safe and secure. Protect your inner child. If it’s sleep - sleep. Eat - eat.

Once we approach 7-8ish days, I start to pick up the pieces and understand the intuitive moves into how to rebuilt the structure with the shedded tools and veils into a new order. An empowering one. The Phoenix is rising, driven and passionate about this renewed sense of purpose.

Self-expatriated towards Destiny

When I turned 21, I had graduated from university in London - and returned for an internship in Paris. I eventually moved in to my dad’s which i had never done in my whole life. I learned how to live in a family setting - two parents, my brothers and sisters 24/7.

I couldn’t find a job in my industry journalism in the early 2010s.... So I followed a string of events that led me to live in Istanbul, Turkey on my own. I never questioned it: I sent an application for a job for an english bimonthly magazine and hopped on a place. Turkey is my North Node line, aka my destiny. At the time, I didn’t know anything about neither Istanbul nor the North Node, or Astrogeography for that matter.

I need an entire article to describe the NN which will come soon enough.

2 weeks of abundance out of / 26 years

I traveled to Brazil earlier this year, my Jupiter line where I’ve felt incredibly lifted to the top. Abundance and luck, it was out of this world.

More on it later...

April 2019

Now, I’ve just played with a new line: the Moon energy. It crosses directly Athens and the country, - it’s not far from Istanbul so I hopped on a plane and got a new update in my inner organism.

Once I landed that first morning, my ears were buzzing - wide open and picked up on shifts like Spiderman. Later on, I felt the presence of a wire. My ears are connected with a wire going to the back of my head. I feel it, I feel what it senses. A new organ of vigilancy but not only, it does create a bridge between left and right - the emotional centers with the rational logical sphere.

This influence promised intuition, fertility (in arts, creation), a feeling of being home.

Here’s how I experienced it:

On the moon line, it’s been clarity - a transparence that defies any kind of introspection -it’s instantaneous which for me is something else and I totally feel I am able to feel emotional and able to feel myself which as a moon in Sagittarius is not the case in daily life.

Any question is not even thought on the mental level and this comes from the heart, the heart beats - I had a lot of instinctive movements towards holding my heart touching it and feeling it.

Questions regarding the past or future were off the charts as if I was channeling my higher self. Crystal clear answers, me answers, heart answers.

I protect myself by thinking and not feeling but with this influence there is no other option - directly the heart — and its not the end of the world when you feel things instead of thinking them.

I feel at peace, overflowing, direct, sad but ok. Sad but at rest. The questions are done

Maybe Turkey, my Fate, the North Node influence is a questioning stance: destiny or free will, this or that.

With the Moon line - I’m doing what I want, with no considerations for what is asked or required in society.

I am so deeply unquestioning of my self-worth that, yes, I sense people’s needs - and I give when I want but my priority was, keeping to myself what was needed, and saving my head. Which again, is new.

I got tested, and I stayed in my worth. Yes it troubles me the propensity of being asked to go out of your own way and do something that you clearly don’t want - again and again - which annoyed me - but once I stopped fiddling like they did and said openly : no. It was beautiful, for me at least. They might be triggered but it’s my job to return again and again to my concern: myself.

It might sound selfish, but there’s no way I’ll force myself to do something that would be against my values. Compromise for a greater cause - I get it - but forsake the pillars on which my psyche stands. Nope.

My kidneys are hardcore / compact. When this does happen, it’s a healing vibration, that helps me to know I’m tuned in and my body can release the stored toxins, that this little pain between my hips is an opening for less baggage in my memory.

Fire moon

Coincidentally while I was there, we had the new moon in Aries and it made me feel: ILLUMINATED !!!!

I’m a fire moon Sagittarius - as well as the moon in Aries. That elemental punch is something I feel everymonth once we cross Leo or Aries, but to have a RESET - new moon - in the element, the first in 3 months, and the last before the next 3 months, it was a huge roll out of gifts of intuition.

What the present’s got in store is sense, clarity, epiphanies, everything fell into place: the puzzle is complete.

That’s what I fight for. Confusion is worth it when you’ve got that to counter the balance.

Oh how I love you destiny - I’m ready to put my whole heart in helping this world find the same clarity.

The fact that this Moon line was a place I needed to travel to because I don’t live there - and that my Moon is in Sagittarius is also an opening up of energies. Thus I get to embody my emotional needs and cravings by becoming the archetype of Sagittarius, writing thinking exploring travelling and expressing my truth. This convergence made me feel so - myself - so expansive and expanded.

Surrounded by nature, and/or mythological tales - I’m home. I’m home in my mind, in my heart, in my body.

It made me dance alone in the toilets, skip a feet on my hikes, it made me smile beyond restraint.

Once the sun had set, every night was very tense for me. The energy wanted to disperse out of my bdy and I tried to contain it in me. The days felt safe, the nights were out of this world.

Many times I couldn’t read text, my eyes had a focus of their own and I did feel dizzy multiple times. I checked myself and I was healthy, it wasn’t due to anything that could compromise this experience.

To learn about yours, book a session with me, this is just one of my tools 🧘🏼‍♀️

Last but not least: the patron guardian of the city of Athens is an owl - and they represent seeing clearly in the midst of the night. Another hint at clarity. It all comes full circle 🥳

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