August newsletter: Summer reflections and challenging your year

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Dear Summer, we’re falling, falling, for fall, 

In the past weeks, I conquered more of my fears and challenged myself with working within groups. I made a few live videos, first for a Healer’s webinar linked below, then I got hooked to direct results and the propagation of my message to groups.

I would never have thought this possible.

In retrospect, a year ago, all of this, sharing my voice in a podcast, or being live on videos talking about healing energy would have seemed way too triggering. We grow, we all do. Sometimes out of necessity, most times out of desires, ambitions. 

Since then, I’ve organized a few more meetings on my Instagram profile with the Live. Be sure to check them out when they happen here: 

If I can conquer a fear, you can do too

Here is a Reflect Exercise I created for you this month:

As the school year is about to start - what are you planning for your year?

What do you challenge yourself to start?

Consequently, what are the actions you can carry today in the direction of this new path?

It can be something you’ve always craved to do but always considered it was too late - or it will come later in life.

You can start now. 




But more: 

What is keeping you from making something happen for yourself? 

If you need help on the energy side of thing, I’ve distilled what people come asking me about into three formulas. 

They help to understand just what is capable with energy. They also help you decipher what you might be craving, in the depth of your psyche.

I do my work internationally, everyday, on the phone with the world. 

Energy doesn’t know the constrict of time and space so we can work together, remotely. 

CPR is a series of three different Reiki offerings: three custom cleanses to discover and integrate energy medicine. 

They can be accomplished separately, or within a cycle of cleanse I organize for others. 

Cocoon is a powerful incubator to remove the effects and influences that imply we are less than, it protects yourself against your own worst behaviors and people’s energies

With less time & attention on those, the psyche can focus on your inner abundance to start your self-discovery journey.

I want you to taste energetical safety!

Perfect for shadow work, connecting to your inner child and letting them trust you, 

Start living from the heart

Pulse is an activation of your heart and your sacral chakra’s cravings, desires to be experienced and rippling through your external life. This remote reiki healing will create transformative waves and new horizons open up connected to your deepest dreams. 

Reign is the last stage: Opening up our inner identity and our gifted essence to the world without ancestral trauma, without dimming down what makes us true. We resonate with our sovereignty, we get a seat at our own table. Abundance, confidence, trust & action in energetic waves. 

They respond to the ongoing cycle of our energy: first we clear, then we build, then we resonate. ♥️

Which one are you the most into? 

I’ve offered Cocoon in my Rise above Webinar : here’s a link to the video replay

And here for the audio in podcast format: 

Apple Podcasts


Other news:

I’ve been interviewed by Lydia Keeney on 

Find your Happy

Our episode together on Find your Happy is called Healing through Connection, because that’s my word of 2019, very much since Brazil, and the first Full moon of the year I’ve recognized just how much I crave connection. Since then I’ve created many paths for this to be a part of my life, everyday. 

On Apple Podcasts

On Spotify

Here are a few of the episodes I produced for Eyes Closed - we are back to regular episodes in english, here’s alook back on July’s mini series in french

Thank you for reading me! 

If you're interested by an introduction to more ease and flow, consider energy healing, I'm here to translate this life-changing field for the mainstream.

With my practical and researched approach, I'm destined to show you this is something we can trust and play with. 

Thank you for supporting me, I'm so glad to keep being motivated to share all of with you! 


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