Aura Portraits

With every Astrology read, I make a map with the key words to remember.

With every Reiki cleanse, I draw your aura.

Sometimes I pop live on my Instagram and offer group Reiki, with donations based Aura Portraits via

Those came from my wishes to make energy healing more understandable for my clients. I wanted them to see what their Reiki had changed in their body. With time, they grew so much more complex than that. I realized I wasn’t creating visual aid to represent what I had done. I was picking up on their aura, just by connecting to their energy body.

A lot of the aura talk involves people standing next to a white wall, and side gazing to access this vision. I tried at my psychic beginnings and never saw anything else than the usual optics. I’m notorious for my poor eyesight anyway.

This little gift, this little drawing at the end of each session became a repository of messages the client’s guides were giving me. The space became wider and after each session I implemented the Reiki with the portrait and a phone call to deliver the messages and understand the keys of the portrait’s colors and sigils.

Never in my life would I think of taking on this Aura portrait movements. I’ve always been dubious of the Aura photos. And now I’m here collecting people’s entire system in the matter of minutes, with their most pressing issues and imbalances.

The aura is the collection of layers that are part of our body.

Beyond the physical body, there is the etheric body, the line that separates air and matter. Then we have the emotional body, that’s why when you get angry, your cheeks are flushed and you feel surrounded by that cloud of anger. Your emotional body is around your physical body.

We have the mental body, literally inspiration and etc, we know they come from outsides. We read the energy of the day and we wonder. With time, I come to understand the mental body as prone to downloads - it’s that folder in your computer that receives all the things you save from the internet.

Everyday you download consciously and subconsciously the energy weather of the day, filled with universal lessons (astro, numerology, and beyond) and your own lessons (karmic).

Nighttime lets you unfurl them into personal sense and progress (dreams). That’s why being in your mind is literally taking you out of your (physical, emotional) body. Ground yourself.

Beyond the mental there’s the casual, ketheric and more bodies which I am not working with at the moment.

I work with the astral body only in the matter of touching and liberating clogs in the soul star chakra. But that’s it for now... until the next push forward.

With those aura portraits, rules witnessed in traditional yogic illustrations are a little bit defied and I’m still to witness patterns that could conjure new understandings.

What I know is that I tested myself with producing « imaginary » auras, to illustrate my work. (I will never share someone’s aura portrait publicly, I understood this was touching on the sacred. If you’ve had a portrait, keep it to yourself.)

When I tried to pick up on an imaginary aura, I couldn’t. It felt ridiculous, and that’s why I’m only now talking about those after months of working with them.

All I want to say is follow the things without needing to know where it goes. Trust your inner push, and walk the first step, who knows where it might take you?

Recently, I collaborated with the illustrator Gloria Joy who made a beautiful template for me to use with each Aura Portraits.

If you’d like yours, book a Reiki cleanse, or wait on the next Instagram live for donations based Aura Portraits.

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