Duality is over


There’s no right & wrong.

Only things that work and things that don’t work, based on the circuit of energy, on the reality of fields.

There’s only expressions of all the facets of one, having a power struggle.

Since the beginning of time.

Remove shame, remove judgement: towards yourself, others, reptilians, cosmic agenda.

There’s no man in the sky, there’s no final judgement.

There will be no final judgement of him / her / them / this or that. Only the repetition of their own incarnation and life lesson and guess what: that concerns them. Not you.

Free yourself from the concept of duality, of right & wrong.

Build your inner compass, identify your values, what you would do and will never do. Then surround yourself with others who share that with you. That’s it.

Don’t chain yourself unconsciously & your thoughts to the energy of the power struggle. If you want to though: Make it conscious, make it a choice with a fire that knows it needs to rest sometimes.

Because this power struggle will continue on and on after this life.

Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose.

You have all the facets within you as well.

Remember to live this incarnation, and experience life.

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