Energy masters

A conversation with Life: After being connected to Reiki, a lot has changed for me. ⁣

I made a podcast episode about touching Reiki, teaching it and I interview one of my students @gangstagurry. ⁣

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If you want to be a part of our Reiki School: ⁣

Our next Attunement Ceremony is on the 03/11/19. ⁣


This is a distance initiation to Reiki where I attune you with Reiki = I connect your body to the Reiki Energy + the following weeks of teaching and training.⁣


Join us to implement, practice & learn everyday.⁣


In this past months of teaching Reiki, we have covered:

energy clearing, ⁣

for the self, ⁣

for others - physically and remotely, ⁣

for animals, plants, spaces, ⁣

within the construct of time, past present and future. ⁣

Are you joining us?⁣

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