Energy Scan: the back of the skull

What keeps us from growing?

What keeps us from laughing?

Space, in your head, can be filled up with a lot of thoughts.

Some of them are fossils, from the prehistoric years of your childhood. Some are inherited from parents, ancestors, teachers.

Those limiting mindset are usually subconscious.

It’s what you jump to without thinking about it.

Why do I not feel worthy yet? (What’s the answer that came first?)

Low self-worth & problematic hidden memories that mean something « bad » about us are energetically stored in the lower back of your skull.


What can you do to clear it?

One, Reiki, is very powerful. I facilitate remote energy cleanses.

Here are my offers.

You could do something now for yourself with this recorded meditation:

What else can we do?


My guides like to ask us to put our hair up. To let the back of our skull breathe.

Massage it, direct the shower water to it.


Listen to what you say. I’m sure your day is filled with weird sentences you use to describe yourself and your actions.

« No I’m not brave enough. »

« I can’t, I don’t know »

Once you notice, you can face them. Feel what it means. Feel the pain of that message.

Write, express yourself.

As you can see the back of our skull is near the throat.

Write to yourself, or to others.

Express it, with only people you trust.

Embrace your inner pains with loving reassuring stances.

Your consciousness is the adult to your inner child. The one who still feels pain that someone made a comment about this.

Mother/Father yourself

Shadow work for your Sunday:

ask yourself out loud:

How do you (inner child) communicate with me?

Do you trust me?

Can you find a clearer way to do so? Show me. (And listen)

I believe in us all. We've came here to heal. Ourselves and others.

If somehow I did it for me (and still do) against all odds (I was broken in thousands...), you can do it ♥️

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