From Individual Healing to Teaching Energy To All: my Reiki School

⚡️Reiki School & Attunements ⚡️

As most of you know, I work one on one with people who feel the call to receive an energy cleanse.

I’m a Reiki Master, I facilitate healing sessions for others.

I study the inner world to understand what happens within it: now I’m ready to share within my Reiki School.

Energy is hard to conceive when it’s been invisible for milleniums. Just like electricity was around forever, it’s only until the lightbulb was created to capture it that we were able to witness it.

Everyday, the world is an exchange of etherical energy.

That’s why we have Lion’s Gate, astro conjunctions and retrogrades.

People, planets, karma, they are cloud of energy storage. The reality is that those invisible patterns affect each of us every day.

Some of those energy patterns don’t belong to us, and yet they are a part of our aura and manifest in illnesses, anxieties, doubts, ego flares, insecurities, wrong choices etc.

A Reiki therapy session reconnects you to your center. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s a shower.

Having been attuned and followed a Reiki formation, I am now able to care for my needs.

I’m very connected to my being.

I know how to respond to my emotions.

Equipped with tools, I can help myself navigate the change. In minutes.

I can help others as well. Animals, babies, grown humans. Wherever they are.

Everybody is able to use energy to heal themselves & others. You have this inside of you.

Reiki is being connected to Universal Life Force energy.

Energy healing is not for gifted ones only.

Reiki is a practice, and a valuable knowledge that is shareable.

That’s something I learned the hard way. For years I looked at others facilitating energy therapy. I felt called to it but my self worth kept me down.

I believed I had to have had those innate gifts by birth. Not true.

All you need is an attunement, a bridge between you & the universal source.

And practice, guidance and more practice.

I am creating a space where we can share our experience and our discoveries as we learn how to heal ourselves.

I want everyone to be their own healer.

That in a moment’s notice, a scrap, a bruise, an anxiety crisis, you can help yourself/send energy to your loved one.

This project is a community in the making, this is a series of teachings I do have & teachings I will discover across time.

Yes I took classes, but I learn more with every session. That’s why I don’t create another online course. This flows. This changes.

Here for guidance, and accountability.

We help each other stay on track.

I want to share, in a private and secure space, within a large community.

Reiki energy, instead of your own body energy, needs a ceremony to be attuned to and avoid getting drained every time you offer healing.

Join monthly attunements & start playing with a new field of discoveries!

To register for the next attunement this month:

I’ll always announce the date each month.

You only need it once.

Every week, I’ll lead meditations and teachings which are entirely free.

We’ll have weekly « homework » to keep us motivated.

I’ll share what captured my heart, what makes my journey.

And I want to read your stories, see your stories, watch your lives, photos, videos.

Let’s create a community.

Invite your friends, share the message that we all can be multidimensional guides, eternal Reiki scholars, sharing the Universal Life Force that is Reiki with the people we love and discover.

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