How I choose my Crystals

An intuitive guide to buying crystals of the Earth & how to live along their working energetical waves

So with all the new age stuff I explore and challenge, I collect my tools amongst what they propose. I don’t agree with a lot of their reappropriation. I can’t be a disciple of it - but here’s how I create my inner spiritual practice with crystals.

A few years ago I started buying raw crystals - because the polished versions never attracted me.

From @energymuse turns out a raw crystal has more facets and heads = more energy dispersed.

Always follow what feels right to you - and not the rules that are in place.

I’ve had fun wearing one crystal at a time in my pockets, following me through the day, under my pillow, near my computer, wherever.

I charge and cleanse them, and note with details their effect on my psyche.

I want to share my buying method: I go to the crystal shops in the spice bazaar in Istanbul, where I live, without an idea of what I « need » to work on, or what I even want.

I just go, empty-minded, and skim through the shelves. When I pick one, I feel it in the heart of my palm. I move them around the light.

Some of them appear familiar, their shape, their characteristics have something of a known figure that my heart recognizes. That’s when I decide to buy it.

Like a younger sibling or rather, a much wiser sibling.

I then look at its name on the box, generally they are in turkish so I clearly have no biases, I have no idea what this crystal is, what it does, what it helps with.

Once I buy it, I enjoy it and note what thoughts come to mind. I get familiar with it.

It’s only when I’m home and that a page or two of details have been annoted on it that I consider looking its english name and then its significations.

For those crystal informations, I love and @energymusefor how to work with them!

My intuition usually picked everything up on those previously written page. I love testing my intuition. Taking a risk.

It’s incredible to see what my psyche needs by blindly buying a crystal. It’s always on POINT, what I needed at that time.

Then, I work with the crystal and its energy in close contact for a series of day, before we part. I experience the withdrawn energy.

We then reconnect and part on and off for months.

I find it very powerful, to witness the affect one crystal has on my entire psyche, on my day, on my faith.

The withdrawal confirms the energy. Like a planet retrograding.

Until we eventually merge. I learned all the lessons from it. The mission I gave this crystal has been learned multiple times. And it’s time to go and find a new crystal friend!

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