How I feel after 30 days of Future Self Journaling

A month ago,

I started the Future Self Journaling : 30 days of answering the same seven questions from Dr. Nicole Pera / @the.holistic.psychologist

You can grab her guide on her profile.

Here is my experience:

Over the past few weeks, I see people doing what I do when no one is watching. On Instagram, arrays of people daily journaling and vastly inquiring about their selves.

Damn, this is new. To me.

I jump on the train. Each publication by Dr Nicole Pera is worth of being published on our street posts and advertising gigantic panel: she concisely offers objective facts on different psychological and emotional patterns that impacts us in our every day lives. It’s succint, it doesn’t sell anything, it’s straight to the point and doesn’t shame or guilt, it just is the truth.

Her Future Self Guide is a method to work with our subconscious. By answering those questions, we repeatedly grasp and understand that we do have choices when it comes to our actions, our personal growth.

The questions are:

My daily affirmation ...

Today I will shift my pattern of ...

I am grateful for ...

Three traits that my Future Self will have are ...

The person I am becoming will experience more ...

I have an opportunity to be my Future Self today when ...

When I think of who I am becoming I feel ...

For me, the daily check-up first thing in the morning allowed me to set my day how I desired. By first, connecting with myself - and not the past night’s events related in terms of phone notifications, or future plans with friends, answers and voice notes.

First and foremost, me and my goals. Me and my emotional desires. Me and my vulnerability, me and my long term plans of personal development. Me and my Future Self, reducing the amount of time between each other, or rather realizing that we already are together - but our circumstances haven’t proven one to another yet.

There’s three days where life took over and I missed the call of the specific notebook I chose for the goal of the month. But everyday, I got to answer the questions, and now that I scour the pages, I see the words that I chose being repeated, others shift into truer senses - when attention becomes connection, when connection becomes contact.

When perseverance becomes deep listening to the self, at all times. When perseverance becomes self-trust.

Some days called for the page to manifest itself into real events during my day. And so the Future Self Journaling becomes a magical item, without becoming disillusioned - but knowing that we - get to make it happen.

The question: I have an opportunity to be my Future Self today when I ... is exactly what I refer to.

The Three Traits that my Future-Self will have are - mirrors my own professional Reiki sessions when I ask my clients for three keywords to describe their future living experience. From those, I can understand their desires and create energetical opportunities for them to get closer to experience prosperity, clarity, love.

All in all - I’m not giving up that Future Self Journaling routine - I’m 30 days in, and here’s to 30 days more!

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