How to let the Eclipses' energy *gently* push you forward

Eclipse season is coming back.


What was is no longer. Are you ready to listen to what the stars have to tell you about the next 6 months...

On July 1st, the eclipse gave me that vision of a life in France. And here I am... Excited to have some really sharp light on my confusions.

There’s always a build up of themes and energies of the last 6 months that get unlocked and found out during eclipse season, while also downloading the next 6 months’ energies.

In 2020, we have SIX eclipses & we move from the Capricorn / Cancer axis into Sag / Gemini. Who's hyperventilating now?

Not spreading fear, I'm actually super excited to see these shifts line up with my South Node and North Node, to enter the realm of my 4th house and my 10th house.

Eclipses are triple espressos' boost into your life changes.

As long as you feel like you're riding that transformation wave with them, and not against them, you're good.

This Winter's schedule:

December 26, 2019:

New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn at 4 degrees

January 10, 2020:

Full Moon in Cancer at 20 degrees

Ready for it? Which astrological house is it falling on for you?

Here’s a kit to understand all of this talk and prep your eclipse moments:

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