I got my hand‘s lines read - and here’s what it told me:

Chiromancy - Palmistry

Head line, heart line, life line etc - Palmistry is the art of seeing one’s life journey in the creases of your palm.

Because of my Reiki work - healing, love, touch, connection, I reached out (quite literally) to a Palmistry reader and gave her an open book to read from as I unfolded my fingers.

I’m an intuitive - I can read you from picking tarot cards, reading your energetical body with your permission, having a gaze at your astrological birth chart or even connecting to your turkish coffee cup and the shape of its grounds.

But hands, my brain doesn’t get it.

I tried memorizing the lines, studying their meaning etc - but its blank. I am blind to its intricacies.

About intuitive readings:

You can read for yourself - but for some, for me, reading your own energy - the energy that you’re already bathing in since birth - it isn’t that clear to pick up on your own self.

Back to the actual experience: I gave this woman a peek - and she came back flooding with things I knew + things I didn’t.

At this point I wanted confirmation of my found path. It was career related.

She was really good at melding past and near future - understanding I needed a kind of proof - which I don’t necessarily do - so it was a learning - and a

confirmation of the paths I took.

Who knew so much of our truth was right there in our hands?

Now it was pretty anonymous so - no Google search available. The skeptic in me is still alive despite all my other-wordly experiences haha.

Without a name or any lead, she saw I had quit a previous life, and travelled away from my environment.

That I was happy far from home. She saw the relationship I’m in - and described my best career which is super close to what astrology + human design have to say about my cosmic chart.

(Learn about yours with a Touch the Sky session).

It was pretty interesting to witness the different parts of me assessing the knowledge after - knowing that I had just written this article about destiny and free will: some news were just great, some were a surprise: do I want this?

I recollected myself, knowing that I’ll choose in due time, I get to make the choice, it’s not handed ha! to me.

(here you go, if you want to read my hands)

Palmistry is also called Chiromancy - which connects all back to Chiron - the Asteroid - and the mythological healing Centaur of the Greek Pantheon of Gods.

According to Rebbeca M. Farrar M.A. ’s Instagram post - Chiron’s etymological roots means hand.

I spent the last year writing and concocting a workbook for this asteroid’s influence on our psyche while it retrograded in Pisces.

Would you be interested in me updating it for 2019 and making it available online again?

Have you ever had an intuitive reading?

If you’d like to - I’m available for 1/1 sessions!

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