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Dear Summer time,

The seven month of the year might just mean it’s the second half of the year 2019.

Once that happened, I looked at my objectives for the first 6 months. Instead of jumping into making new plans and new work, I remembered my state in January, the hopes & the fears, the belief that I wasn’t going to make it, or the illusion that I was actually. 

I’m surprised to be here, resonating new truths and new excavated realities from deep in my heart.

In the past months I’ve flourished. My sessions have been taking off. In different countries I’ve found professional support and I’ve given all that my sacred work allows me to give. 

I’ve met many women and men with questions, and we are all so alike in our concerns and our cravings that this healing that I can facilitate for others is as much healing for me. 

I look forward to the natural unfolding of the work I created and the space it holds for people to come get a revelation.

How are you? 

How have been the past 6 months? 

Do they reveal the desires you had for this year? If not, how can you start to implement them?

The number 7 which is linked to July is very close to all of this. 

Let me tell you, my clock, the many minutes and numbers that are part of everyone’s life have been redundant in showing me 52.

4:52, 1:52

They are always showing themselves in internal moments of doubts. 

I inquired about what that meant. 

52 is an evolution of 7 - and seven means the path is changing, trust the process.

When we set sail, when we walk a path, we are quite sure of the destination but not the journey. 

This month of the zodiac sign Cancer and the repetition of 7 tells us of our objectives, of this desire to make homes in our desires, to walk our very own path and not others - but they don’t tell us of the chapters that lead to the resolution. 

Cancer makes homes, the crab has a shell & values beyond everything the security of our emotional needs.

My work is mainly to dress paper lights or shining lamp posts on the many chapters & deviations of your path.

When I connect with your aura, or your Akashic Records (your book of life), your questions are answered, strategies are created and help is sent. Remotely. Incredibly instantaneously.

This is my mission: to be practical, so the mind can rest and the heart can live the experience for what it is - because we now know what it means. 

Don’t be afraid to ask the questions & to connect to the solutions.

You deserve serenity, and joy. 

Here are some news:

I was interviewed for the first time: 

Dheandra Nicolette of Manifest Daily got me on her podcast talking about my work and my message:

Spotify / Apple Podcasts

On my end of the radio mic, my favorite with Eyes Closed were

How to discover your cosmic origin

Receive guidance for the next changes over the Summer while I channel the Akashic Records & get answers about our energy reality, seeing the invisible & creating a support system.

Spotify / Apple Podcasts

and my first interview on Eyes Closed:

How to explore the Galactic world & serve the Planetary Ascension  with Krista Raisa

Krista Raisa is a channeler, teacher and artist. She helps Starseeds let go, understand their abilities, fulfill their missions and connect. 

She tells me all about how she started channeling the Orion Council and her sacred service for the Planet. 

Spotify / Apple Podcasts

The general links for other platforms can be found here (Breaker, Anchor, Overcast)

I have created a video on Youtube - oh yes, to introduce you to my human-ness (sometimes it's hard to relate with social media). In it, I am summing up what my mission in the world is and how I can help you: 

I’m leading a workshop as part of the Rise Above: Healing through Inner Work Online webinar. 

On Monday the 29th, I’ll be offering healing with Reiki as channeled in the live webinar. Following the series of messages and solutions, I’ll be selecting people from the live audience & heal, receive and translate their own personal aura. 

Come and join me - it’s freebut invite only You will meet the different healers which take part of the webinar and offer their services as well. Reply here to me and get on the list :) 

For the Frenchies:

Je commence peu à peu à introduire mes disciplines et mes découvertes en français - ce qui me fascine car on voit peu de ce genre de discussions dans l'Hexagone.  Une mini-séries d'épisodes en français se développent ce mois-ci.

Retrouvez Les yeux fermés sur Spotify / Apple Podcasts.

If you're interested by an introduction to more ease and flow, consider energy healing, I'm here to translate this life-changing field for the mainstream.

With my practical and researched approach, I'm destined to show you this is something we can trust and play with. 

Thank you for supporting me, I'm so glad to keep being motivated to share all of with you! 


The return of the song with every letter

If I'm shinin', everybody gonna shine

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