Thread if you’re dealing with beings that you can’t quite see


Believing or giving attention to deviance is the magnet to bringing them up. In ways, Christians and their fear of demons is why they naturally attract those around them.

Frequency matches frequency. If you do think about them, you manifest them.

Of course they can be sent by others - but those are only around, not attached to you. If you take them on, acknowledge them, then they enter your space and your life can be f***ed up - BUT don’t fear.

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It’s actually pretty easy to protect yourself: first, minimize the fear and conscientize the version of you who has the fear. Let them know you’re not powerless and not a victim: you can and will protect yourself. You have the will to decide who hangs out around you, spirit or.

Then if you do notice something around, you let them know you do not want them. Even if you don’t notice them: let the space around you know: voice it out.

You don’t need to go all dictator on them: most beings aren’t evil - they are hurt and stuck, they attached to you because you can help them.

Send them back with love, but strong willed love is what works: creating a space for conversation and knowing that you are protected (if your psyche needs crystals, herbs, give your psyche it’s armor and arms).

Consult with the being, ask them why they are here and let your intuition or the world around give you an answer - but again, hold on to your will to be the master of your space: remember to be the manager, the one in charge.

The common consensus is that those spirits are « stronger » than you, and they can take hold of you: they only can if you’ve allowed them to - consciously or unconsciously.

That’s why the first step is to be accountable with yourself by banishing the fear created by religions, movies and general ideas.

If you are still afraid of conversing with them: do what you need to do to feel empowered: salt baths, salt under your doorstep, lavender, sage, a letter in view.

And if that helps: those are hurt people in spirit form: they need help. If you are allowed to refuse them help, or you can decide to take on the responsibility to help.

In my experience, and share yours if you have tips: the best is to send them with love: consciously ask them if they want help to raise to another frequency, see them, listen to their reality, visualize, meditate, hold them up towards the « sky ».

I take them towards love until I feel they have been delivered to their soul family. This has always been successful. But first and foremost, I consciously decide to not give attention to fear-ridden conversations and demon talk.

That’s my experience - now share yours if you want to ask or give tips. But one thing: don’t spread fear. There’s always a way, you can’t be bound to someone else’s will without choosing to be so.

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