Real life Virgin Mary

Last week I visited the house Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, lived in before her death.

It was my second time in 3 years already.

The house is in Ephesus, Turkey. Saint John brought her there. On the top of a mountain, with a lot of mediterranean trees.

I was amazed there wasn’t a splendid tumb or something that was found.

Archeologists didn’t dig around to find her body. Then I remember the Assumption.

Today the Catholics celebrate the Assumption - the day after her death that she rose to the sky.

Happy 15th of August to all the people named after Mary.

It means « a sea of solitude » and «  rebellious » which adds a rock’n’roll twist to this very proper christian name.

It’s my second name.

The priest refused to baptise me as Capucine, a non-Christian name - so my parents threw in a little Mary in the mix & I got to be submerged in water / traumatized as a baby aka baptised.

Possibly something I’ll have to resolve with inner work hahaha.

Anyways, who’s up for assumpt-iuning after death?

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