Rose Quartz: May’s experiences with crystals

Once May started, I followed my eye’s fascination for Danburite, shining rainbows around the room.... and impacting my heart like it had been lifted to the top floor of this dimension in half a second.

I withstand this energy for 11 days. After that, it was quite too much and I needed to be human again. I had lost my Apatite necklace.

I spent days trying to find it. I just did, finally and energetically, I felt waves of love between us.

Those crystals are really living beings.

Then returned to the work:

Rose quartz is a very intelligent badass crystal.

It’s cute, you believe you’re in it for self-love.

And self-love is just way more than whatever we have in mind.

I was out there using citrine, pyrite, amethyst etc for ambition, prosperity, confidence - building my self, thinking yeah, I’m on track.

But the minute I hold a rose quartz without judging it for being cutesie etc... I’m in here crying as a 5 year old and addressing my deepest heart felt issues.

Which in turn, is allowing me to feel, address & becoming my inner vulnerable warrior.

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