School starts

Add Energy Healing to the list of your tools:

Master your energy fields, help others, connect to the Universe & the natural world

Join the next round of my Reiki school

Practice and learn everyday

Level 1 to Master

I am taking registration now as Class starts Nov 3rd (and every month after.)

My reason for teaching Reiki the way I do, with such a little financial investment is to get the word out, that we are all gifted, this is a human capacity, this is a hidden ability we have forgotten - and if so, what else have we forgotten?

Reiki education is very expensive, it averages 900$... aka only a selected few can receive the education & access to the Reiki energy.

Let's shift the systemic problems in our world, one conscious lover at a time.

We have the power to change this.

The tickets for access to the attunement + access to the course are here:

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