My younger archetype.

The development of an individual abandoned alone in the midst of the jungle - it connected with me on a deep level.

Tarzan, more aware of his animal side than his human nature, doesn’t feel at ease amongst his peers. Doesn’t feel at ease within his own skin.

Despite not being accepted for how different he is by his adoptive father, he tries endlessly to get his approval.

He is hungry to know himself and his kind, his human roots. Because to find an explanation to his difference would mean to finally accept himself.

This archetype helped me over and over - will I find my kin, my tribe, people who understand my intensity and hunger without shaming it?

His story built a path for me when I didn’t see one.

As I grow I find other models - but return to this archetype once a year - quite unconsciously.

It’s now that I finally connect the dots - fighting for the approval of a mother who didn’t like me nor accept me in any way. Whom I shaped my personality and attitudes for - yet it never ever worked. I never got the approval and probably never will.

Tarzan taught me - to return to myself - serve the community and invest in my quest.

After a few years of digging, I got my authentic resonance back, it feels good to be home.

What’s your archetype?

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