Tomorrow's Activation Portal: Liberation

Right now, we’re all going through an update: 22.

Tomorrow we have a Pisces Full Moon right around this powerful energy.

I want to talk about the Human Design gate 22 activated for the past weeks & Neptune.

The gate 22 is within the degrees of Pisces.

It resides in the Emotional Center aka Solar Plexus - it signifies the need and creation of emotional awareness.

It goes straight to the throat through the 12 energy.

Aka from our emotions to expressing it.

I always like to refer to Beyonce’s Hold Up.

She’s feeling the feels, the anger, yet her smile outshines everything.

+ that yellow dress = solar plexus chakra color.

Gate 22 is being lit up right now and for the past weeks by Neptune Retrograde, we’re in for more weeks of it as it goes back to normal transiting.

The Full Moon will be 4 degrees away from the energy 22.

We’ll all be in Pisces mood.

What does it mean? We’re all forced to consider how we feel.

About our past,

about our emotional attachments,

about our future,

about our own illusions.

Are you listening?

Everything we experience is recorded in our Akashic field.

All our emotions and thoughts are being translated in energy forms in our aura.

If you continue to have no boundaries and go after everything and everyone, your field is jammed with multiple energies.

It gets messed up, and your own energy is invisible, crammed up with the mess.

How can you be clear about what you want?

Revive your energy

Connect to your aura, your breathing space before the Full Moon, I recommend my meditation to cleanse it whole:

Feel the feels. Build your moment with yourself, look into your reality, past the illusions of this entertaining & distracting world.

When you become emotionally aware, at all times, you start to radiate.

You shine.

Your energy shifts.

Others witness it.

When you are with others, you actually have time and presence for them.

You start having impact.

You listen = your grace, immense grace radiates and people come in to listen, and be listened to.

You understand others’ feelings in every moment. You see them.

I’m not even talking about expressing your feels (gate 12). If this doesn’t feel safe, you don’t need to open your throat.

Start by only listening. Be aware. Open your ears.

Gene Keys, derived from Human Design talks about 22 like this: from constantly being outside our values and emotions, we mess up.

Once we start to listen, we comprehend our emotions, our feelings, and others’.

We start to shine comprehension and deep grace.

We reconnect to our values, our foundation of a human being.

Until we reach Highest Self level of Grace: life is a series of karma, lessons explored and unlocked.

We forge a path of emotional intelligence.

Science wise: Gene Keys 22 is the amino acid of Proline, transforming protein into collagen = not listening to our feels = cracks our skin, our physical barrier to the outside world.

It also limits our freedom through painful joints, our flexibility of movement, and inner movements through our paths are reduced.

Feed your energy with attention & compassion. Feed your body with proline.

Because I know you’ll be googling this again:

Watch Beyonce radiate and get that shine inside of your own solar plexus.

Hold yourself up. Look into you.

Feel the video.

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