Your hands’ Energetical paths and how to wear your rings:

Each finger, each mount (skin mountain in your palm) has a correlation to certain planets.

We do not wear rings on the middle finger / Saturn for the planet already has many rings - it creates problems.

Money, luck? The Index/ Jupiter finger is calling for you.

Communication flair, and intelligence spurts? Mercury

And finally personal stability and expression of your identity:

The Sun, the « ring finger » - which is interesting that we get married and add a golden bond to our identity finger.

Thumbs are directly connected to mars, but I couldn’t find a reliable source for its signification. Mars rules ambitions, desires and aggressivity.

The thumb « part of the palm » is Venus though, so the thumb is really our attraction and love, our values, our masculine & feminine. Yes it gets busy on the thumb. I wouldn’t wear a ring there :)

🎶 7 rings plays in the back 🎶

Where do you wear your rings now?

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