Aura Resonant: Lydia x Capucine


We are here to help you manifest your Highest Self on this planet.


Aura Resonant is a collaboration of energy mastery and healing between Lydia Keeney (abundantheartspace.com) and Capucine (capucinef.com)



We are two distance energy medicine practitioners and with our own respective gifts, we collaborated to create this work on your aura: both visually and musically.


Included is first a 1:1 phone call with Capucine who will open and connect with your aura’s present and past energetic field.


On the phone with you, she will receive a series of messages that she will confer to you as she draws your aura portrait and helps you connect and clear with your auric space. Together you will decide on a few key words that you would like to manifest in your aura in the coming days.


You will then choose the intentions that lead you where and how you want to live, experience life, feel in the future. Following this, you will record your voice repeating your chosen mantra, This audio recording is to be sent to Lydia.


She will compose a musical creation around your aura portrait and your mantras to represent your aura’s vibration now and to come.


After this alchemy, you will receive your very own dimensional visual and musical portrait of your aura for you to hold close and resonate with. Listening to this mantra and looking at your portrait will bring you back to your heart, your gravity point within that connects you to your Highest Self. 


In order to get the most out of this session, tune in and see how many days a week feel right to meditate using your aura resonance, then choose a time of day to help you make it a habit.

Creating space in your week to meditate on the piano mantra and your own words about who you are becoming, will help you to embody your potential, allowing you to step into the energy of your highest self.


We want to connect you with your energy body, your divine reality and your auric space.



If you have any questions, contact us here, or on our social media


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