Capucine m'a aidé à comprendre l'origine énergétique d'un dérèglement de ma santé. Sa vision m'a aidé à me remettre en question et à procéder à quelques changements  dans ma vie. Pour avoir travaillé sur cette problématique avec plusieurs autres spécialistes je dois dire que l'interprétation de Capucine a toujours été en accord avec ce qui a été dit. Les sessions Akasha de Capucine apportent des éclaircissements intéressants pour se remettre en question et avancer. MERCI



Dear Capucine,

Thank you so much for your Touch the Sky session last week. What an insightful introduction to astrology and human design! I really appreciated how you highlighted key aspects of my personality without any judgement and offered some very helpful and strategic advice on how to overcome certain problems. I really enjoyed hearing your insights. After the session, I felt lighter, and More focused on what I need to do to progress and become a better version of myself.

Merci pour ta patience et ta bienveillance 🙏🏻



I had my first ever session with Capucine. I really liked her approach being a very great listener while pointing out accurate information which pushed me to discover some deep motives I had never thought about. Even after one session I felt being more aware of myself and feelings.



I met Capucine in a bustling lunch cafe in Istanbul. Prior to booking the session, I had seen her online presence and liked the combination of her practices and her aesthetics. Whenever I read her writing, it always feels like push in the direction of my own truth. Capucine’s way of being in the world seems simultaneously soothing and soft, sharp and strong, and it is very validating for me to indulge in that energy. Meeting Capucine in person felt truly special.


She came well prepared for our session with a bunch of papers with handwriting on them which I was allowed to take home afterwards. I immediately felt safe in her presence and really appreciated her warm smile.


The wisdom that was conveyed was based on a mixture of my human design chart, my horoscope, and other facets of Capucine’s broad knowledge. Together, they painted a picture of the year ahead, and I left with some helpful and specific advice on how to navigate my life situation. She also gave me resources to find further information and thus dive deeper into the different realms of her practice.


I had set the intention of focusing the session on my professional life and life purpose and informed Capucine about this before our meeting. Looking back, my most important takeaways from the session was indeed connected to this intention.


Most importantly, my meeting with Capucine felt very healing. I was buzzing with energy and excitement in the days after our session, and I felt elevated. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is looking for a similar experience to connect with Capucine.



Je vais tres tres bien, c’est formidable!!!

J’ai eu tres froid pendant plusieurs soirs, et puis je ressens un grand bien etre.

Physique et moral, j’ai toujours mal à mes poignets mais je me sens en pleine forme.

Je suis moins angoissée, j’ai envie de rire.

J’ai du courage.

Tu fais vraiment des miracles? Combien de temps ce bien va t il durer?




Wow, wow, wow. This is all so powerful and so true. Thank you for helping me. Last night I had one of the best sleeps in a while. I appreciate you explaining everything to me as well. One of the things I found very interesting is my right knee sometimes tingles and when it does, I have an impulse to shake it, walk, etc and now I know why. Second is the crying. I rarely ever cry unless I’m really upset: I’ll feel like I have to cry and if anything comes out, it’s minimal. Usually when I wake up, my nose is backed up and I have phlegm in my throat but this morning, no so much. I’m so excited for all to come and again thank you soooo much. Please let me know anything I can do to help you. This is truly a gift! I wish everyone know about the benefits of reiki and now am questioning myself on what took me so long haha


Today I woke up feeling stronger, lighter, nurtured and more in tuned with myself thanks to my first ever reiki session by Capucine. She is incredibly insightful, gentle, and thorough in her work. While reviewing the summary of our session, I was blown away that I was able to identify physical attributes that in turn were metaphysical blockages and messages my body was trying to convey needed attention. For me, because of western medicine, I was ignorant and figured an OTC would help. Now, I’m not saying reiki should take place of visiting a primary care doctor but it definitely gives a unique perspective you won’t find at a therapist or general practitioner for tending to your higher self. Being in tuned with your body is so important especially in this marathon called life. We are athletes, and what does any athlete do after a big race? They nurture their bodies. Nurture your soul and book a session with Capucine.





I just listened in and it was sooo good and really spot on!!! I'm really interested by the topic. You have a incredibly soothing voice just like her❤️❤️

Thanks for everything keep in touch your a incredible human being ❤️💗❤️





The session I had with Capucine felt very much like a nurturing process. It was a session for my recently born daughter. Capucine led the session with astrological readings and human design readings of my daughter. She was very thorough and careful in her readings and I had so much insight on the kind of characteristics my daughter would develop and the type of growing up environment that fits her best. It was just like the environment I want to bring her up in, which made me very excited. Capucine also developed the session on astrological readings that relate both the mother and child. I understood even more how as a mother I could help my daughter develop to the best of herself.

Throughout the whole process, Capucine was kind, wholehearted and mindful. Her voice was very calm and her explanations simple to understand. Capucine made me feel at ease. You can tell Capucine is interested and passionate about what she does. She is very thorough in her analysis and she conducted the session like a conversation engaged in all questions you might have. I left the session full of hope and positive energy. Days after I reflect on what has been said and feel excited to see how the future will unravel.

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